Saturday, January 7, 2012

On to the next...hearts!

Sadly the 12 days of Christmas are officially over and I taking down the tiny trees and slowly sprinkling our home with all things hearts!  I am so literal about Valentine's day,
I consider it a hearts and LOVE free-for-all! 

This project was so easy and really quite cute! 
It took no more than 15 minutes to complete & hang.

I bought the styrofoam heart today (with a coupon, holla).
I had the ribbon and burlap left over from Christmas

Cut 2" strips of burlap

Used a paper brad to attach the burlap and
started wrapping tightly around the heart

Tightly wrapped, just trim off the burlap threads

Cut a strip of ribbon ~2" long to attach to the
top of the heart

I wrapped the ribbon as I would attach a luggage
tag (I really hope that makes sense, as it is what
I thought of while stringing it through)

Hung it on a mirror in our dining room

Seriously, 15 minutes start to hanging!  Get after it!


  1. I must make one. Very cute!

  2. u r so talented! what's next?
    Becky Duncan

  3. Do you have an Etsy site? I want to buy everything you make!

    Mary E

  4. Adorable idea! I must have one in my home! Love it.