Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: AFTER

Ahhhhh, this is my new kitchen.  I am obsessed.  I can't quit baking. OMG.

Here's a sneaky of the way it used to look, just for a refresher.

Little stainless shelf above range was cut to size.
I inherited the idea from my friends, Adam & Jade.
It's an under $50 find from Ikea.  Love.

Why yes, I did plan the cabinet hardware to mimic
the appliances.  Again, obsessed.

The counter (peninsula) that separates the kitchen
from the dining room used to be a full wall, with
an arched doorway, that led into the dining room.

I am so thankful that we took that wall down.  
I am even more excited that the walk through
was roomy enough to support my metro rack 
of random things.  There is a chunk of 
kitschy, old lady that lives in my soul and she just
loooooves kitchen sh!t...

Let's be real, my favorite things are favorites for
great reason!!!  My grandma's juicer, random bowls
I found at garage sales or acquired from my mom, milk
bottles that held flowers at our wedding, a hand blender I scored a flea market
in Seattle, when I took the train up to see a friend when we were newlyweds 
in Oregon...and on and on.  I loooove this stuff. 

One of my favorite things about having this wall gone 
(yes, this was the wall), is the amazing sight lines. I can
see the kids playing in their tent (which was lovingly crafted by my in-laws).
 I used to have to peek around the corner every few seconds, just
to make sure they were playing okay.  Now, they play in peace, while I 
prep dinner.  Very much a win/win on that front. 

I am equally excited about the great work surfaces, which the old set up lacked greatly.  

The microwave/convection combo was a must have, as I didn't want to lose 
our limited upper wall space to a microwave, and I love the idea that I have 
an additional oven, when I am on a roll and can't shove everything into the
main oven.  Priorities, my friends...priorities.

Can you now even stand that a wall used to stand
here?  UH-mazing, right

So...come visit.  We'll get our bake on!!!


  1. Beautiful remodel! I love that undermount sink! So, on the other side of the fridge, do you have cabinetry as well?

  2. Wow and wow! Fantastic that you can watch the kiddos and make dinner or whip up treats! Great work!