Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: BEFORE

 Celebrating the one year anniversary that we moved into our house,
it is fun to report that the kitchen remodel is complete.  

This is a few snaps of the old space.  Yes, was a clean little space.
It just wasn't a functional space.

I never got used to electric heat cooking.  Pulling a gas line in for the 
kitchen remodel was at the top of my list.

It is a bit hard to see in this photo, but just beyond the sink island
was a gas fireplace that jetted out and created an awkward corridor.
It also blocked the views of South Table Mountain (and Coors Brewery...oh what)
from the living room. 

A little desk in the kitchen is a nice idea.  Although steps
off of the kitchen is a proper office, so this felt like a 
waste of space, where instead there should be storage.

the footprint of the kitchen is small enough, that every corner
needed to be utilized for functionality.

Here is the fireplace.  I do already miss it, on cold nights...
although I don't mind snuggling up in blankets.  I also enjoy the view
so much more.  There is a large niche in the wall, just to the left of 
where the fireplace used to sit.  Someday, that will house a gas fireplace,
as we had them turn the gas line, to accommodate that down the road.

Mountain view BLOCKER.  Bad design choice!

Okay friends, I can't wait to show you the new space...this week. 

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