Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gift wrapping tip, to simplify your Christmas!

I am pulling out some gifts I have stashed away the last few months, 
and wanted to share my quick and easy tips for Christmas 
morning presents, for kids.

Seriously, I feel like this is a game changer!

 Items that arrive in a perfect box, I wrap and those 
are gifts from us ('us' being Zac & me).  

 Instead of searching for boxes and gift bags, irregular
shaped items are gifts from Santa, and are tucked
under the tree, sans wrapping, on Christmas morning!

This is great in more ways than saving you time on searching
for a box or gift bag, it also saves from the question you 
will ask yourself at 11pm on Christmas Eve, which
is the paper that Santa is using??? Seriously, 
kids notice more wrapping paper slip ups!

Hope this helps.  

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