Monday, December 15, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014, part 5

By the skin of my teeth, I am knocking out the 
remaining adventures of Sundance Film Festival 
2014, in 2014.  Lawdy.  No excuses. 
 I am going to have to put some serious perimeters on 
knocking out Sundance 2015... 
which is just a month away.  AHHHHH!  

First, I suggest you get caught up (again...come one now, it's fun) 
by flipping through the previous posts of this adventure.  
Here they are for you:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4...Enjoy!

The director, Cutter Hodierne, and star of the film Fishing Without Nets.

I have been lucky enough to check out a handful
of films at the festival each year, over the past 9 years and this
film ranks at the top.  The film premiered as a short
film during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, and 
then received the necessary funding to make it into a feature length
film. Blessings to those who backed it, as it is a MUST SEE!

 The cast of Fishing Without Nets.

At the theater, the intro screen, introducing all of the
films of the US Dramatic Competition.

I still cover in chill bumps, when I think of this film.

 Part of the cast.  Lead character, in the middle.

I have said it a thousand times over, the highlight of seeing
 films at the festival is the Q&A with the people who created and acted
 in the film.  Hearing the ins and outs of this film was remarkable.
 I cannot stress enough that everyone needs to see this 
film. I except we will continue to see big things from this young
director, in the future. 

Oh, hey there, Adrian Grenier.  You snowboard?
I ski!!!  Want to make out, I mean hang out ?*

No for reals, could he be any cuter?  Me thinks not.
 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Entourage at the theater, next
year! Have you all seen the documentary he whipped up a few
years back, Teenage Paparazzo?  Must see.

*praise the lord I married the sweetest man who
loves (keep telling myself that) my sense of humor.

 Kurt Russell in town promoting the documentary,
The Battered Bastards of Baseball.

Ahhhhh, you're on SNL!!!  We adore you!!!
-a "group of anonymous girls", grabbing lunch.

We were so excited to see Jenny Slate at
lunch on Main Street.  She was in town
promoting Obvious Child in which she stars.

This could totes be a rumor starting picture, right?
Yet, we all know Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette must
be super close pals after working together over a
decade on the film Boyhood.  This film is fascinating,
as it seems more documentary than feature film...
I cannot wait to see it.

Both are up for SAG and Golden Globe awards,
for their parts in this film.

Even though he looks rather HANGRY* in this
picture, he will forever be one of my favorites,
because he starred in Reality Bites. That film
was everything to teenagers in the 90s...
in my opinion.

* And no, he wasn't yelling at me.
Sure looks it though.

FLAWLESS!!! For reals, I was blown away
by how stunning she is!

 Aubrey Plaza of Parks & Rec. I asked her to wave (of course I did)
so I could send this to my friend, Kenny D, a year later...oops.

Jason Schwartzman. Enough said.

Director Rory Kennedy, promoting her documentary,
Last Days in Vietnam.

Director Gregg Araki, introducing his film
White Bird in a Blizzard.

The cast of White Bird in a Blizzard: Christopher Meloni,
Mark Indelicato, Shailene Woodley, Gabourey Sidibe & Shiloh Fernandez

Q&A after the premiere.
Yes, he was totally the little guy in the
television series Ugly Betty.

I really wanted to like this film, with all of the 
talent involved.  However, I did not like it 
much at all.  A few of the parts felt obviously
miscast and I found it hard to watch the
dude from Law & Order: SVU play such a 
vulnerable role.  The acting didn't feel authentic.
I did enjoy Gabourey's shoes!

Oh hey, Katie Couric!

Mary Steenburgen.  A forever favorite because
of parts in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Elf.

Ashley Greene

Well folks, I think that is finally a wrap on my pics from
 the Sundance Film Festival, 2014.

I will be back at it in a month, for the 2015 festival.
 Ahhhh, cannot wait!

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