Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kate Spade SALE

OMG, before you call in for reinforcement, thinking I am drowning my anxiety in retail therapy, this is one more SUPER LEGIT SALE that needs to be shared.  ONE MORE DAY read: the hours and minutes are ticking check this out!  Up to 75% off bags, clothing, bangles and more...get you some!

I sensibly ordered this wallet.

Look below to see a few of the other items I responsibly 
turned away from.  So much cuteness, check it out!

How cute is this mini backpack.
I know I hear a few friends gagging at
the idea, as it feels totally throwback 
to high school and Cher from Clueless,
but I love.  
 I am always a sucker for a bucket
bag.  This one is adorable.  Marked
down to $139 from $328 quite the deal!
If I was having a baby, this diaper bag/carry all
would have found it's way into my virtual cart.
 Really.  Someone needs this bag.  
$159 marked down from $429
Sweetest little bangle!  I would stack it with others.


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