Monday, May 25, 2015

Leap of Faith

A leap of faith is not life or death, but it is life altering and at times kind of scary. My husband's company announced a few weeks ago that they are closing up operation in Denver and offered relocation to Houston. I know, I know...people lose jobs every single day (hence, this is not life or death) but our cup runneth over with heavy stuff, this first half of 2015 and I just didn't know how we would mentally, emotionally and physically handle this big change.  We were forced to make a decision quickly, which we don't do well (hell, it took us years to get to Denver, where we really wanted to be, as we waited on just the perfect fit for Zac's career)

After a ton of talking: amongst ourselves, with our financial planner, with our parents, we decided that what we want in our lives, in this minute, is to be in Colorado.  We have a simple little life here (which yes, will be thrown for a bit as in essence Zac is quiting a job he loves) and we just want to see if we can make it work in hopes and prayers he finds something within his industry here in Colorado.  Anyone need a Petro Geologist?  I have the name of a good one.

Zac and I did prepare for such a time, as when we were young in our marriage we saw something on Suze Orman about setting aside 9 months worth of your living expense (at the time rent on our little apartment in Oregon, bills, fuel, food, yada yada) and never touching that money.  That would be the safety net, should we find ourselves in a pickle because of income lost.  So, we started stashing that money away.  We never touched it.  Through down payments on homes, cars, vacations, retirement savings, college saving plans...we pretended that money did not exist.  I am thankful we were wise to that suggestion at the time, and have that cushion for now. 

So, it is with a big gulp of excitement, a tad bit of nerves and a big load of trust, we are staying put.  We will work our tails off to stay here, and if the time comes that we face the reality that his industry has changed beyond recovery in Colorado, and we need to move on, at least we will know that we did all we could to try and stay.  It feels risky, but more so, it feels right!

I just read in a book (it was chick lit, so I am not citing the source, just trusting it as truth (yes, blindly) that the Chinese word for crisis is the same as the Chinese word for opportunity. Trusting in that.

Here are a few snaps of our life here, and I think it is quite easy to see why we love it so:

 The morning sun out my bathroom window.  
I will never tire of my morning view.

Concerts at Red Rocks are 10 minutes drive away.

We can drive an hour to watch amazing events, like my 
summer favorite, the Go Pro Games in Vail.

My love of boots!

Our park! Again, will never tire of this view!

Fall colors!

 Camping weekends!

I love walking to school each morning to drop Logi,
then again in the afternoon to pick her up.
 Neighbor friends are the luckiest of friends.
These kids will totally be a fierce bikey gang
in a few years, I just know it.

Editor's note:  My Chinese speaking friend, Qimin, totally debunked my heavy 
research on Chinese proverbs (reading the book Fly Away Home by Jennifer 
Weiner)...but I am now blindly pretending I didn't ask my friend.  
Ignorance is sometimes Bliss, after all (I knew I shouldn't have asked)!!

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