Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photo Shoot

If you could see my car right now...yikes.  It looks like a clown car, but instead of a car stuffed with a baker's dozen creepy clowns,  I have stuffed it with a vintage table, a little kid chair my grandma used to own, pillows, vintage crates, picture frames...because, it's photo shoot time!  I am so excited.  I live for these shoots (don't I sound all Vogue editor-in-chief when I throw out that statement?).  Tomorrow we are meeting the photographer at an old, abandoned building (note to self, pack some hand sanitizer) and we are going to funk it up with things from around our house. 

I can't wait to report back, but until then here are a few pictures taken of my sweet Logan with treasures from around our house.  What treasures do you have around your house that are 
begging to make a cameo in the next family photo?

The banana bowl that sits on my counter. 

An old locker basket, that usually holds toys in Logan's room

I said to the photographer, 'I wish we had a scale to state her weight'.
She replied,  'I have a produce scale in my garage'.

The blocks that sit on her dresser.  Friends have been most
inspired to recreate this with their babes, which I love!

A vintage graduation chair from Oregon State University,
which joins three others as our kitchen table chairs

Logan's crib, and some vintage baby clothes to cap it off (the pink dress was mine).


  1. I love the old locker basket. How clever! I am going to search for one, immediately!

  2. What great pics! I love them! I'm totally inspired.