Tuesday, November 29, 2011

and the winner (of the holiday giveaway) is...

The winner of the holiday contest is lucky #9...Glynis Crawford!  Congrats! 
If you didn't win, but want to create a little holiday canvas magic, I have the steps listed below. 

  • buy a canvas (or use a scrap of cardboard...seriously!)
  • print lyrics to favorite Christmas songs (I picked my favorite 3, and spliced the lyrics onto a word document, leave very small margins so the words covered the entire page), I printed 2 pages of lyrics for the canvas above)
  • hot tea (let the bags steep for a long while, once tea is cool, soak the torn of pages of lyrics for at least a few hours...the longer they soak, the darker the pages will stain)
  • make a glue/water slurry (roughly 2 parts water to 1 part glue) or be fancy and buy Mod Podge (I think both work just great, I just always have glue on hand and have been doing it that way since I was 6...)
  • Dip the tea soaked lyrics in the glue/water and place on the canvas.  I usually start on the sides and work my way in.  Make sure to wrap the sides of the canvas in the lyrics too (I go around the sides, onto the back of the canvas, just a bit) , and think of the corners as you would wrap the corner of a present, folding down nicely.
  • After the entire canvas is covered (this should take ~20 minutes), I set a cup inside the frame of the canvas (on the back) to dry (I leave overnight, as I often am crafting before i hit the hay)
  • Spray clear acrylic spray paint or run a coat of Mod Podge across the dried canvas
  • Use a dot of hot glue (in the center of the snowflake) to adorn the canvas with a glitter covered snowflake (you can find everywhere this time of year...I bought a package of the blue snowflakes at my mecca Hobby Lobby (and a package of silver snowflakes silver ones at Target)
  • Ta-da!!!  You did it, and isn't it nearly the cutest thing ever?
  • I have mine leaning against a small stack of vintage books on a bookshelf, but if you decide to hang it, I would totally attach a ribbon bow, just to give it a grander look (use hot glue to attach 2 pieces of ribbon to the top back of the canvas frame, and then tie in a big bow)

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