Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remember those bulbs???

I am so excited to show you how I decided to repurpose the 'Charlie Brown Christmas Tree' bulbs that I used a few weeks back for my daughter's photos in the park (see below).  The trees in our yard are too tall to get the bulbs up in them, so I thought they would look fantastic in our front windows, and boy was I right!

Original use of the bulbs for a photo shoot
Repurposed use of the bulbs to fancy up
our windows for the season. 

So, the moral of this blog post story is to think outside the box (of Christmas bulbs) and just have fun!  You might pinch yourself (or ask your husband at least 50 times, 'can you believe how cute they look...') with excitement over what you came up with!


  1. Oh wow, can you come to my house next?


  2. This might be one of my favorite creation of yours!