Thursday, December 1, 2011

trees, trees and more trees...


Last winter we decided to forgo the big, heaven scented pine that usually fills our home with oodles of holiday cheer, because our little sweets was into everything and we figured it best not to tempt her with a big bucket of water and a tree covered in glass balancing in it.  We decided to go one more year without, because she is still a curious little munchkin.  Although I miss the wonderful smells that a fresh pine brings to a home this time of year, I am excited with what I came up with.  

I got this little tree & the faux sugared fruits in college. 
I love this tree as much today as I did when I was 20. 
My sweet Mother-in-law made me the tiny tree skirt.

I pulled the trunk (which was my grandpa's) out of our
bedroom, and popped it in the living room, just so I
 would have a place to gather wrapped presents. 

Cookie cutters on fabric strips adorn a
little tree in our kitchen

Living in Oklahoma we lose branches all the time in windstorms. 
Last spring I decided to spray paint some of the sticks hot pink and pop
them in a dry goods vase that my mom made for me out of a tin ceiling tile.
The vase of sticks usually sits on a dresser in my bedroom,
but I pulled it out into the main area and added the little silver ornaments.

I bought this little guy after Christmas sales a few years
ago, because I loved the burlap...finally made
 it make sense this year, with a strip of upholstery fabric
 (that I had on hand from a bag I made a bit ago).  Very
simple, but adds a bit of holiday cheer to the guest bathroom.


  1. I love how you're reusing things to make gorgeous decorations!!You have inspired me:)


    Julie Gale

  2. I love all of your trees, especially the cookie cutter tree and the one to gather presents under. We also chose to not put up a big tree, I can only imagine what a toddler would do with one! I did a simple project this year and made a tree out of green hangers, maybe I will post a pic at some point. I wish I was as talented as you. Keep up the great work

  3. You are so inspiring!


  4. Cookie Cutters! Totally doing that this wkend! Brilliant.

  5. Love all the trees you have up this year. I have not put up my big tree, I may just go with the small one.