Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday (card) Cluster!

While I do feel thee o' holiday guilt because yet again, I have not sent out a cutie Christmas card...I know, I know we just had those pictures taken of Logan, but I just didn't get around to it.  Then my friends go and rub it in with all the cards they send our way, for which I am so grateful, as holiday cards of smiling faces I love make me so very happy.  So happy in fact, that  I want to display them somewhere I will see them daily, and decided the window above the kitchen sink was the perfect real estate!

I made the stained glass window a several years ago
because my mom salvaged the window pane for her
grandparents old farm house, and I wanted to
 fill it with something I will hold on to forever.

So, I am an admitted slacker, but I do love that my friends aren't


  1. I love the Christmas blocks and the display looks amazing. Maybe next year I can attempt something like this. For now our Christmas cards are sitting in a stack to be added to the bulletin board at some unknown date! Great work again!

  2. You put me to shame, and I even send out cards!

    Kelly S.