Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let it snow!

I LOVE going home to Minnesota, especially for Christmas.  Time with family, friends, hot chocolate, sledding and snowshoeing...oh wait, there isn't a drop of snow back home and none in the forecast.  OMG.  When I found this out last night (after checking the 10 day forecast) I HAD A MOMENT.  I went to bed singing 'Let it snow', and woke today still singing it.  I marched to my craft closet and the minute I spotted the red spray paint and blank canvas knew I had to get to work, in hopes of creating a little treasure that would wake the snow Gods and get there arses into gear (before our arrival next week)!!! 

canvas, red spray paint, glue silver glitter, wired silver ribbon

After the spray paint dried, I used the glue
to write 'let it snow' cursive is sub-par,
so many apologies!

set the canvas on a baking sheet, and dusted
the glue letters with loads of glitter (use
the baking sheet to collect all the excess glitter,
so I can return it to the bottle when done)

After the glue/glitter sets (give it a couple hours), shake off
the excess glitter and then cut 2 strips of ribbon and attach
to the back of the canvas with flat head thumb tacks) and tie
the 2 pieces together in a bow, and secure on the wall with
a nail (I just removed a picture that is usually hanging,
and used that nail...will switch it back after the season)

Voila, you have a crazy cute new wall
hanging for the season!


  1. Another amazing idea and your cursive is perfect! I hope it works, Sylvia and I are ready to get out on our sled!

  2. Awesome idea! I sure hope it works :)

  3. Uh..I REALLY hope it works! My mom is coming in from AZ in two weeks and we are really hoping to be able to take her sledding!!!!! This looks great by the way!!!!

  4. It turned out SUPER cute!! OMG, Tia! You kill me!!

  5. I love it! So simple and so beautiful! (And seriously... BRING ON THE SNOW!)

  6. Adorable as always! If only I had 10% of your creativity!