Sunday, December 4, 2011

ornaments...out the wazoo!

We decided to forgo the big cut tree this year and what to do with all the boxes and boxes gorgeous ornaments?  I have installed them, some like little sculptures of art, throughout our house.  Have a looksy...

fireplace mantel, holiday redo: sticks in glass vase are always
present, just added the single bulb (very Charlie Brown).
added the glitter globes to the ever present candlesticks.
then balanced out the mantel with several of
my favorite oversized ornaments

two of my favorite bulbs tucked into the bookshelves
(sidenote: my grandma was a librarian, and
these are photographs of her).

my favorite milk glass cake stand, bulbs, mason jars
and a string of beads that usually adorn the tree.

beads (that are usually strung on the tree)
and glitter snowflakes (that are meant to
attach to present bows) add a touch of
whimsy to the dining room lights


  1. Love it Tia! I adore your style and ability to reinvent existing decor with touches of seasonal bliss!

    N. Ellos

  2. Why can't I figure out how to leave comments as myself? I am so wishing you lived back home, I would hire you in a minute!

  3. The mirror is my fave T. I love how everything is put together. So creative!