Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Tree!

Well, I am a woman who likes to use and reuse...and this is a perfect example of the way I do things.  First of all, I acquired the sticks when a windstorm whipped through Oklahoma (which happens weekly, I swear!).  I sprayed the beautiful sticks in hot pink and then plopped them in the most amazing dry vase (that my mom made for me from a tin ceiling tile, that needed to be replaced).  So, for many months this vase of stick beauties sat on a chest of drawers in my bedroom...then I decided they needed to make their debut in the main living area at Christmas (see below).

Vamping up the dining room with a splash of pink.

I loved them so much in the dining room, that I decided they were Valentine's worthy!  I just removed the green sparkly deer and felt present...slowly, these sticks are leading the life of a cat.  2 lives down, 7 to go...

On to the third life, as a fantastic little Easter Tree.  I was planning on making little eggs to dangle from the branches, but I found this set of eggs (packaged so nicely in the paper green grass, which also brought new, spring life to the vase) at Ross for $ that point I eliminated the need for me to do any egg crafting...yay, Ross!!!

So cute, huh.  Oh, and the little pedestal table is a treasure that I picked up the Goodwill, and gave it a spray of the same hot pink. 


  1. You are so very clever!

  2. Very clever and super cute! That vase is amazing as well!