Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glitter Eggs

Might I start off by saying if there was an award for the worst blogger in America, over the last month and a half, I would nominate myself.  Many apologies.  I have been sick.  I think (knock on wood) I am on my way to feeling like my old self, so fingers crossed the blogging juices will be flowing at top speed.

So, this little glitter egg project started because when I was home in Minnesota for Christmas, my mom and I stumbled upon the cutest ceramic egg trays, and my mom kindly decided that they needed to be mine.  As many of you know, I have absolutely nothing to do with real eggs (it's a story that goes way back...) so why on earth would I covet little egg trays?  Well, because I pictured the little dishes filled with all things bon bons, dipped homemade marshmallows, mini desserts and well...glitter eggs. 

Such a quick and easy project (definitely rates high on the messy-hands-kind-of-project scale, but who the heck cares...glitter and glue clean up real quick). 

These are the little trays, in all their glory on a metro
rack in our kitchen (our sweet friend, Jay, kindly
likens the things I store on the metro rack to the
Julia Child's exhibit at the Smithsonian).

Started the project with 4 plastic eggs, glue & glitter.

First, I drizzled glue on one half of the plastic egg.

Then, I used my finger to spread the glue evenly
 around the glue half of the egg.

Make a little 'glitter nest' and set the spread glue side
down and repeat the glue steps on the other side. 
Then roll completely in the glitter. 

Notice the tiny dot of glue?  I just touch up the little
missed spots last, then set the eggs aside to dry. 

Done & done.  I betcha if you tried to buy glitter eggs
in a shop you would pay loads...these cost no more the
 10 cents a pop to create.  Get after it! 


  1. You did it again, so dang creative!!!


  2. who knew i needed glitter eggs! I do tho! very fun!

  3. So cute!!


  4. Love this idea! I think this looks far cooler than traditional egg-dyeing. Nice work T!


  5. I like it! Silver always makes the eyes pop. They remind me of small disco balls. It's a nice retro throw back look.


  6. Those ceramic egg trays are so adorable, love the color!

    1. Rachael Ray. You can find them onlind, in many colors :)