Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Fever Shopping!

I have a major case of spring fever!!!  It has been in the 70s-80s for the last week, and looking ahead the high temperatures aren't going anywhere!  Yikes, it's only March!!!  While we are soaking up every moment of this glorious weather, I can't help but fear what is to come.  Last summer in Oklahoma was like a daily trip to the sun.  It was a heat blast.  I had several months of seasonal depression and cabin fever, and I am just not ready for that again (and with it coming on so early this year, I fear that it might be worse?!?!!!). 

As Logan takes her daily snooze, I have cozied up with the laptop and put my memorized credit card number to good use (of course Zac dies everytime I say, 'how cool that I know the number, security heart!').

 Shopping...all in the name of spring (oh, and a fun little trip to California with the hubs,  Yay!)

First of all, I found this cutie shirtdress.  It just screamed
SPRING and HAPPY when I saw it.

Then I found these cork shoes, that in my mind will look
adorbs with the dress.  We shall see. 

I put the items in my virtual shopping bag, then googled online discounts and found one for 20% off and free shipping.  Not too shabby, huh!


  1. Love it all! Except that shirt dress would not look adorbs on me. I'm going to take your advice, though, and start shopping with a virtual bag and then google for the discounts. You're a genius! xo Mars

  2. I want those shoes!