Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lunch on the Quick

I, like many, feel rushed most days of the week. I find that if I have some 
good things on hand in the refrigerator, I won't end up eating a bag of Corn Nuts 
(there is no judgement, Corn Nuts are legit) and calling it lunch. 

I always try to have prepared quinoa in the refrigerator.  It is so tasty, 
full of protein and the little ones love it, which is a total bonus!

Put 3/4 cup prepared quinoa in a bowl, cold
(or a Mason jar, if you are on the run)

Top the quinoa with 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

Top the quinoa and cottage cheese with a small handful of 
raw almonds.  

Dig in!

Some delish add-ins that I highly recommend:
  • sauteed kale, seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper
  • roasted red peppers (I buy them in jars, I do not roast my own...but you could) 
  • roasted squash (if I have leftovers, from the night before)...zucchini and butternut are faves!
  • roasted root vegetables
Like I mentioned, if you are on the run, layer in a Mason jar and hit the road!  You'll feel good about what you are eating, and really good about not having a container that will end up in the trash.


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