Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Pretzely 'Easter Eggs'

I was spreading peanut butter on some crackers for my little sweets, remembering 
that peanut butter crackers are the second best thing to peanut butter pretzels 
(in the peanut butter department).  Well thank the lawdy for some little elves living 
in a tree, as they were wise enough make straight up pretzel crackers...not pretzel thins.  
These are pretzel on one side and butter cracker on the other.  Amazing!  Of course 
I then remembered that chocolate makes almost anything better, 
so I give you my 'gas station style' Easter egg treat!

What you need:
pretzel crackers
peanut butter
semi-sweet chocolate chips

On a nonstick surface (parchment paper or Silpat)
place crackers, pretzel side down, and spread with
peanut butter.

Pop the chocolate chips in the microwave for 25 seconds at a time,
this is after 2 spins in the microwave (stirring after 25)
This is after the third spin in the microwave (3-25 second spins)
This is after the fourth spin in the microwave (4-25 second spins)

For every peanut butter cracker, you need a cracker mate.  Spread
the melted chocolate on the cracker side of each mate.

Sandwich the chocolate cracker with the peanut butter cracker.

Same chocolate melting steps, but 3-25 second spins in the microwave,
as I melted less chocolate.  Transfer melted chocolate to a bottle.  I have
a few squirt bottles, one from the grocery store (pictured), and a couple
from a baking/restaurant supply can even find them at a 99 cent 
shop. I only let the chocolate fall to the bottom of the bottle, for this pic.  
otherwise, I work  to keep it at the top, filling bottle on it's is easier 
than knocking the bottle on the counter until all the chocolate is back at the top...
which you want before 'decorating the eggs', to avoid air bubbles.

No rhyme or reason to the 'decorating'...just make sure the chocolate
is at the top of the bottle to avoid air bubbles.

After each 'egg' had a bit of decoration, I popped the tray in the 
refrigerator.  An hour later the chocolate was set.

Reason #24 that you need to raid the kitchen aisle at TJ Maxx...
a ceramic egg tray! 

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