Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Textiles Galore

Our home in Oklahoma was oriented less than a mile from a fabric store. How easy and
fun it was to go and search for amazing textiles. I have yet to locate a fabric store around
our new home,  in Colorado (let's be real, I haven't searched too hard with the littles and all),
so thankfully last summer I discovered my one true textile love, on the dot com.

Here's my lastest order:

This indoor/outdoor fabric will be used to make a cozy
little cushion for our new mudroom bench
 (I will certainly blog that space, once the cushion is in place)

Isn't this ridiculously gorgeous?  This vintagey looking damask
(it's the color that gives it the vintage feel, in my opionion)
needs to be a throw blanket, with a cozy backing, STAT!

A throw blanket, for a friend who is having a little boy,
later this spring.  Backed with cozy cuddle fleece, it
will be perfect for snuggling up!

Did I ever report back that the chevron fabric (from a summer blog post)
 backed with cuddle fleece turned out as the most fantastic (and fab looking)
burp cloths ever...friend's new baby will certainly need one or two.

Getting excited, already!!!

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  1. you know I love a good fabric post, store and just fabric in general! love the chevron!