Saturday, January 19, 2013

A very un-Sundance weekend...sigh

 Why yes, that is baby Logan...oh and Orlando Bloom.  I joked
that this should have been our Christmas card...the husband kind of laughed.

This is usually one of my favorite weekends of the entire year!  For 6 of the past 7 years we have packed out bags, on the third Thursday in January to hit up Park City, Utah for 5 fun filled days at the Sundance Film Festival (oh, and skiing...let's be real, Zac could not care less about the festival...unless it brings in legit live music, like The Roots...other than that, he just prefers to park himself at his favzy place to ski, Alta).

Well, being the responsible parents that we are, we decided to skip this year (and our friends we meet up with followed suit...maybe because I am the planner?).  I regretted this about 2 weeks ago and started trying to bum rush a trip, but alas my maturity/common sense husband told me I was crazy and that we will just hit it up next year.  Sigh.  Double sigh. 

So, in lieu of the fantastic stories and photos I usually share, I am going to post a few classics from years past. 

Oh, and if you are just dying for Sundance debauchery, reread part 1 and part 2 of the 2012 festival shenanigans...which are just asking to be rivaled, next year!

I may or may not have had Christian Slater's buddy hold my skis, 
to grab a quick picture...proof that I have always been a mess!

Braving the nighttime chill, for a G Love & Special Sauce concert.

 Charlize Theron.  Look at me being all up-in-her-face

Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy (whom I have loved, since the 
days of Fargo).  Total preshFest2007!

Nothing like a BFF pose with one of my favzy 80s actors, Elisabeth Shue.
Do we want to guess if I cut my own bangs?  

Remember when Paris Hilton was kind of a big deal?  Why, again?

And that same year nearly no one had a clue who Kim Kardashian was...
now, she probably would be mauled.  Why, again?

Dennis Quaid, right after he fixed my camera...can you tell this one
is borderline old school, as 'myspace' was a festival sponsor.

 Michael Keaton, I was slightly starstruck!

 No sneaking by me, David Arquette

As if you wouldn't be excited to see Steve Sanders.

Luke Wilson, creepy 'stache & me

Michael Moore was sitting a few rows behind us at a screening.
I nearly had a moment. 

Randomly, the US Grand Prix half pipe competition
was going on in Park City, at the same time as the festival.
How exciting to see Shaun White do his thing, live!

Adrian Grenier, post screening Q&A for the
documentary, Teenage Paparazzo, which he directed.

Jesse Eisenberg

When Jonah Hill still wore the fat suit. 

Duhzy, Marisa Tomei and I are like totes besties...haaa!

 It appears I was all about the BFF shot that year, victim #293: Dax Shepard.

John C. Reilly, whom I am mildly obsessed with ,as an actor.

Clearly, I have no shame.  Colin Hanks, we totes look like a postcard, right? 

I still don't know his name, but I knew I recognized we were
both walking into the bathroom.  So inappropriate, but the theme
of the week is usually, 'all things inappropriate!'.

Oh little Logan was like a hottie celeb magnet ;)  I am almost
embarrassed to show this picture, as you can see how excited I
was that Ryan Gosling had a hand on my shoulder...he said Logi
was on the of the cutest babies he had ever seen...I have to agree.

I had no clue who Olivia Munn was, at the time...but
she is on one of my favzy shows as of late, The Newsroom,
so she totally makes the cut.

This sums up one Sundance Film Festival, for me...
tore my ACL/MCL day one, while skiing.  I still
hit up all the premieres I hoped to catch, just kept
my leg elevated.  This is the Q&A post screening of
the Tribe Called Quest documentary with the director and
Phife Dawg.  

Ross Mathews.  Who doesn't love him?

50 Cent, he was uber cheesy!

 Adrian Grenier, looking all sly on Main Street.

Only appropriate to include a picture of the festival founder,
Robert Redford.

I couldn't have said it year I will for
sure BE tHERE!

Well, I hope you giggled at my lack of shame, and ooh'd and ahh'd over
some of the fun pictures I have snapped over the years.  I didn't include
any of the pictures from Sundance 2012, as they are so well documented in
the blog postings from last year, so do check those out, if you haven't quite
gotten your fill.  Well, until next year...

Oh and, 2014 Sundance Film's on!

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  1. um yeah, I love the ryan gosling pic! You are a animal when it comes to getting the bff shots! I love it!