Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mountain Getaway!

 Does it get any cuter (crazier?) than this? 

I am still smiling after our long weekend up in the mountains.  I realized last week that I had not left the area since July (pregnancy and new baby kept me grounded, literally) and for a girl who loves to travel (even if just heading home to Minnesota), not having any travel plans on the calendar has made me feel crazy.  So what a perfect time to plan a last minute sneak away to the mountains! While the snow conditions are rivaling the conditions of last year (i.e. the worst snow conditions EVER) it was amazeballs to be deep in the mountains...with all the sights, sounds and smells that make the mountains magical.  Sigh.

 Zac skied the first day, so we went exploring.  Benny
all bundled in front pouch, Logan grabbed her 
'binoculars' to go bird watching.

She is so cute, she made her 'binoculars' by asking me
to tape two toilet paper rolls together.

If she ever is carrying a single, empty toilet paper roll
around, don't be's just a 'spy glass'.  
Gosh, I love her.

Lounging poolside.

Ready for a winter swim! 
After a day of skiing for Zac, and exploring for the rest of us,
 they hit the heated pool.

And the 'Dad of the Year' award goes to Zac...
he swears the pool was not heated.  

Such fun!  I think Zac said to Logan, 
'5 more minutes...' at least 3 times.  Brrrrr. 

After swimming S'mores.  It started
to snow, while we were at the fire.  

 The next couple of days Zac got Logan
 up on her skis.  

Perfecting her 'pizza wedge'.

Have I ever mentioned that Zac lives (not a typo, LIVES) to ski?
When Powder magazine arrives in the summer, 
he starts talking about the upcoming season.  
This was a great day for both of them.

Disclaimer: Zac skis in a helmet, he was just working with
her on the magic carpet, so didn't have his on.

She looooved the magic carpet! 

And then, she was over it.  It's hard not to laugh when a meltdown
looks suspiciously like a toddler doing planks (and other yoga poses).

Apres Ski Exploring.

Watching the Golden Globes, after a day of skiing and exploring.
This is photographic proof that Benny and I (and the big zit I grew, ugh)
were with on this getaway!  Benny was such a trooper, spent a lot of
time bundled in the carrier, but was such a honey! 

I am so thankful for the days we had.  Many, many memories made!


  1. Glad you put in the disclaimer on the helmet. Did I show you what happened to mine when I was at Copper 2 winters ago? Cracked in half because of a nasty spill I took! Can't wait 'til May!

  2. Ok, that first picture is beautiful! You need to keep that on hand for random photo contests. It is beyond presh, as most pictures of Logan are! What a fun vacay, I'm totes jeal. :)